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  • The Eviction War Comes to a Close
  • Goons Officially Deploy
  • Tenerifis Brawl Erupts – Over 100b ISK Destroyed.
  • EVE Invasion Launches May 28th
  • CSM Candidates Announced

The Evictions War Comes to a Close
Recently, the Evictions War that had been ongoing between Panfam and the Etherium Breach Coalition has come to an end. The Etherium Breach Coalition is dissolving, with Just a Game deciding to go into a Class 3 wormhole, Lazerhawks regrouping in their wormhole, and Unspoken Alliance pulling back to lowsec for the time being while they plan out next steps.

SLYCE, after getting kicked out of DedCo, have joined Panfam and have been in the process of relocating to Etherium Reach. They will also be joined by Triumvirate, who will be moving out of Pure Blind to the region as well. This brings a close to conflict in a region that had been under war for the better part of two years. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the situation continues to develop.

Goons Officially Deploy
Recently, Goon forces deployed against Panfam to push them out of Tribute. Panfam responded by unanchoring a majority of high value citadels in the region.

A recent dscan of the goon super fleet showed a significant amount of supercapitals are part of this deployment. Goons also anchored a keepstar in the system of KQK1-2, which anchored without any issue.

However, with the significant amount of resources being utilized for this deployment, Goons home region in Delve has come under heavy amounts of pressure, with many groups farming the area regularly. Most notably, two titans have died thus far, as well as numerous carriers and supercarriers. Additionally, some of the sovereignty in the region has also been harassed, with the IHub in the system of 9GNS-2 being destroyed yesterday. The New Eden Report will continue to monitor the war developing between Goons and Panfam and keep you informed. 

Tenerifis Brawl Erupts – Over 100B ISK Destroyed
On the 25th of May around 10:00 eve time fighting broke out in the system of T2-V8F in Tenerifis between FIRE coalition and WinterCo forces over a tackled supercarrier. FIRE Coalition tackled a Fraternity Hel supercarrier and proceeded to drop a dread bomb on it. Once the dreads materialized on the grid, the Hel proceeded to light a cyno of its own, bringing in a counter dread bomb. FIRE Coalition proceeded to escalate further, dropping multiple supercarriers. However, one of the supercarrier pilots jumped to the wrong cyno, ending up in the middle of the WinterCo dreadbomb, where he was dispatched quickly under the power of the anti-capital fit dreads.

FIRE coalition formed up a Eagle subcap to support while WinterCo had a combined Munnin and Zealot fleet. Eventually, a few minutes before downtime, XIX dropped titans and killed some dreads and the bait Hel. They bolstered this with some more faxes after the servers came back online, at which point WinterCo forces began exiting the field. After the dust settled, over 151B ISK was destroyed, with FIRE Coalition losses accounting for 103B ISK of the total. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the war between these groups continues to unfold.

EVE Invasion Launches May 28th
The latest expansion to the EVE Universe gets released on May 28th. On May 24th, a cinematic trailer was released for the newest expansion of EVE Online during the EVE Invasion World Tour’s latest stop in Australia. With this expansion, tech 2 triglavian ships will be introduced as well as the introduction of an opt in 64 bit beta client for EVE online. They have also introduced balance changes to the Damavik (increase in resistance instead of optimal range) and the Kikimora (removing drone bay + decreasing powergrid). Be sure to check out the article on the EVE website for a full list of changes with the release of the new expansion.

CSM Candidates Announced
On May 23rd, a list of candidates for the CSM 14 elections was released. Over 40 people are running for the CSM this year, with candidates from all over the world tossing their hat in the ring. Stay tuned for interviews with some of these candidates from the New Eden Report. We wish the candidates running the best of luck. If you are a candidate running for the CSM and you would like to be interviewed, please join the NER discord and reach out to one of the directors. We will do our best to honor all requests. 

Note: New Eden Report will not endorse any candidate running for the CSM 14 election.

Local News:

1st of May

Snuffed Out [B B C] and Triumvirate [TRI] clash over a Snuffed Out Astrahus final timer in the KI-TL0 system of Pure Blind. Triumvirate brought a Loki fleet to bash the structure, causing Snuffed Out to form a Legion fleet to protect the structure. Snuffed Out bridged on the grid and confronted the attackers, bringing in an Apostle and HAW dreadnought as well. The Loki fleet proved to tough for Snuffed Out to crack, who in turn lost half its logistics wing to Triumvirate barrages. This forced Snuffed Out to bring in a couple more HAW dreadnoughts, but was still unable to break the Loki fleet while sustaining Legion losses. Finally Snuffed Out brought in combat carriers whose fighter swarm was enough to overwhelm the Loki fleet, forcing it to retreat and saving the structure.

Battle report can be found here:

2nd of May

Providence Bloc and RekkingCrew (RC) clash in 9UY4-H in Providence over an anchoring RC Azbel. Providence Bloc started with a Boosh Raven doctrine but quickly changed to a Muninn one as RC Machariels chased them off. In Muninns, Providence Bloc with aid of The Initiative [INIT.] Stuka fleet and a Legacy coalition Muninn fleet confront RC over the anchoring Azbel, leading to a bloodbath.

Read more at:

2nd of May

Victory or Whatever [VWUT] with the aid of Plex Me Now [P2WIN] draw out SE7EN-SINS [SIN7] into a capital confrontation over the latter’s Astrahus. What starts as a lone dreadnought and force auxiliary bashing the structure quickly turned into a full fledged capital battle as both sides fought a long and brutal war of attrition over the structure.

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4th of May

Snuffed Out [B B C] and The Initiative. [INIT.] battle Triumvirate. [TRI] and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] over Weekend Warriors [WKEND] final Azbel timer in the R-2R0G system of Pure Blind. Snuffed Out brought a Nightmare fleet while The Initiative had its signature Stuka fleet. Triumvirate brought a Loki fleet while Pandemic Legion chose to bring an Eagle fleet. Both sides clashed on the structure, with Triumvirate and Snuffed Out exchanging losses. Pandemic Legion and The Initiative at first aided the two alliances in their fight before engaging in their own heated exchange which ended with Pandemic Legion breaking under The Initiative’s attack and withdraw. Snuffed Out and Triumvirate were exchanging blows, the Lokis proving hard to hit by the battleships who in turn were losing mainline ships. After bringing in a Minokawa the fleet managed to stabilize and even destroy a few ships in return. Having lost its ally and sustaining losses as well, Triumvirate decided to withdraw, allowing Snuffed Out and The Initiative to destroy the structure without further contest.

Battle report can be found here:

5th of May

RekkingCrew (RC) and Providence Bloc clash in the 9UY4-H system of Providence. The battle was fought over a RC armor timer Fortizar. Providence Bloc formed a Machariel fleet with capital support to force the Fortizar into its second reinforcement phase only to be confronted by an RC Machariel fleet with force auxiliary support. The two sides fought, with RC gaining the upper hand as it was reinforced by Did he say Jump [DHSJ] Gila fleet and a Pandemic Horde [REKTD] Muninn fleet. Providence Bloc had support in the form of a Legacy coalition Muninn fleet which came to aid it but was swiftly engaged and destroyed by the much larger Pandemic Horde fleet. With its ally dispatched, Providence Bloc’s fleet came under fire from every quarter, leading to its destruction as well as that of its capital ships. This allowed RC forces to secure both the Fortizar and the field.

Battle report can be found here:

6th of May

Shoot First. [SFQAL]/Siege Green. [SGGRN] battle The Ivana Trading Federation Federation [TITFE]/Snuffed Out [B B C] in the Gultratren system of Heimatar. The battle was fought over a Shoot First titan which the alliance attempted to extract from the area under the control of The Ivana Trading Federation Federation, one of the prominent super capital hunting groups in New Eden. Shoot First decided to use the opportunity to counter drop The Ivana Trading Federation Federation as it attempted and succeeded in tackling the titan in the Gultratren system. A capital brawl flared on top of the titan as The Ivana Trading Federation Federation attempted to destroy the ship only to be countered by Shoot First dreadnoughts. The Ivana Trading Federation Federation brought a super capital squadron to counter Shoot First’s dreadnoughts but was starting to lose control of the grid when Snuffed Out arrived to aid it with two dreadnought squadrons. Shoot First calls Siege Green for aid and the dreadnought battle continued to rage on, ending with Shoot First/Siege Green winning the field and forcing The Ivana Trading Federation Federation super capitals to retreat while allowing its titan to reach the safety of their staging system unharmed.

Battle report can be found here:

Featured Kill:
On the 24th of May, Clara Mayaki lost an occator in the system of Perimeter off the Urlen gate to some tornados. That ship came in valued at just over 79B ISK, in large part due to the numerous ORE faction mods that were in the ships fleet hangar.

The next stop for the EVE Invasion World Tour is in the city of Toronto on June 21-24. If you are going, remember to take some photos and share them with us! NER staffers and myself will be in attendance, so I look forward to seeing you all there!

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