KBP7-G system, Providence region. On the 27th of May at 19:38 EVE Standard Time a battle ignited in the system leading Providence Bloc to receive some unwanted guests.

The battle began with an agreed fight between Providence Bloc and Spectre Fleet (SF). Providence Bloc brought a 50 pilot Harbinger battlecruiser fleet to KBP7-G and set up on the Dital gate at 70 kilometer range, the probable entry point of the SF fleet. The range itself also suited the beam laser fitted battlecruisers.

SF forces gathered a 50 pilot Gnosis battlecruiser fleet of their own, their ships fitted with artillery cannons. The fleet jumped into the waiting Providence Bloc fleet, uncloaked and anchored up as it burned towards the Harbingers. Providence Bloc used the initial confusion to volley a couple of battlecruisers and kept firing at the charging ships. Providence Bloc also had their support ships slow down the SF fleet commander using stasis webifiers, effectively disrupting the fleet’s movement.

As distance between the two fleets shrank, Providence Bloc switched to close range, higher damage ammo which accelerated the rate of casualties in the SF fleet as it failed to soak the incoming damage. Providence Bloc on the other hand was able to tank just fine, forcing the SF fleet to disengage as losses mounted.

Before Providence Bloc could celebrate its victory in the friendly contest, a cynosural beacon lit up in the system, heralding the arrival of RekkingCrew (RC). RC forces had spotted the commotion and decided to join as well, forming a 30 pilot Ishtar heavy assault cruiser fleet complete with two force auxiliaries serving as its logistics wing. The force warped to the victorious Harbinger fleet from its deep safe and started a second round of fighting.

The heavy assault cruisers made short work of the Harbingers’ logistics wing, decimating it before moving to the battlecruisers themselves. RC also attempted to deploy mobile cynosural inhibitors to deny Providence Bloc the ability to further escalate in the face of its force auxiliaries. However Providence Bloc fleet commanders quickly spotted the devices and had their fleet destroy them.

The RC force may have bled Providence Bloc but was having issues of its own tanking the incoming damage, losing a few logistics cruisers and mainline ships in the fighting, even with the force auxiliaries present. Before long Providence Bloc made the call to escalate, scrambling a squadron of dreadnoughts and a lone force auxiliary to replace its wounded logistics wing. The dreadnoughts materialized on the grid and entered their siege cycles, blasting the force auxiliaries at close range.

Unwilling to further escalate, RC forces decided to withdraw. Providence Bloc used the momentum to grab as many of the fleeing ships as possible, ensnaring another logistics cruiser, a mainline ship and even a RC command ship before clearing the grid of all hostiles.

Having won the second round, Providence Bloc forces chose to stand down, extracting their capital assets and returning to their staging system. A transport ship was sent to loot the field, in particular the capital wrecks. However unknown to Providence Bloc, a third entity was waiting to pounce on the ship.
NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH] had also spotted the fights, including Providence Bloc’s capital response and decided to try and bait the coalition into a capital escalation. The alliance had two squadrons of dreadnoughts as well as a force auxiliary tagging along. The alliance quickly tackled the transport ship and dropped a lone dreadnought and the force auxiliary to destroy the ship and rouse Providence Bloc into confronting it.

Providence Bloc didn’t immediately respond, its fleet commanders believing the initial reports to be false. After a few moments of confusion in which the intelligence of NullSechaya Sholupen’s drop was confirmed, Providence Bloc decided to form a response fleet. Realizing the initial drop was most probably bait, the coalition chose to drop a squadron of dreadnoughts on the hostile capital ships as well as two super carriers to see what response it will get. In the meantime Providence Bloc pilots re-shipped into dreadnoughts and force auxiliaries, ending with almost 50 pilots by the end of the fighting.

Finally, a cynosural beacon lit up near the NullSechnaya Sholupen capitals and Providence Bloc’s dreadnoughts as well as super carriers materialized on field. The ships quickly started blasting the NullSechnaya Sholupen capitals which responded with a new cynosural beacon and its entire dreadnought force taking the field. NullSechnaya Sholupen’s dreadnoughts entered siege cycles and targeted the Nyx super carrier, whose overall armor was expected to be far lower than its Aeon counterpart, thus easier for the dreadnoughts to dispatch.

The Nyx lost its shields fairly quickly before chunks of its armor start disappearing under the fire of 20 dreadnoughts. However NullSechnaya Sholupen lacked tackle on its side and the ship was able to warp off the grid with the Aeon in tow. Providence Bloc in the meantime targeted the hostile dreadnoughts and brought them down while deploying more to the field. Every minute more and more Providence Bloc dreadnoughts materialized on grid to add their firepower to the mix, bringing down NullSechnaya Sholupen dreadnoughts left and right.

NullSechnaya Sholupen finally switched focus to the Providence Bloc dreadnoughts, but it was too late. It had lost a substantial amount of ships thanks to its focus on the Nyx and was unable to match Providence Bloc’s firepower on the grid. Though it did manage to bring a couple of dreadnoughts down, it lost its entire fleet in the process, allowing Providence Bloc to claim victory for the third time on the Dital gate.

With the NullSechnaya Sholupen force auxiliary being the last ship destroyed on the field, Providence Bloc sought to extract its capital force once more and finally end the fighting in KBP7-G. Looting the field, Providence Bloc forces withdrew once again to their staging system, bringing the fighting in the system to an end.

Battle report for the KBP7-G system can be found here.

All told the battle on its various parts lasted 19 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 140 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Providence Bloc lost 15 ships in the fighting including 2 dreadnoughts and 1 battlecruiser for a total of 7.08 billion ISK damage.
Spectre Fleet lost 22 ships in the fighting including 12 battlecruisers for a total of 1.3 billion ISK.
RekkingCrew lost 10 ships in the fighting including 2 force auxiliaries and 2 heavy assault cruisers for a total of 6.37 billion ISK.
NullSechnaya Sholupen lost 25 ships including 19 dreadnoughts, 1 combat carrier and 1 force auxiliary for a total of 47.3 billion ISK damage.