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  • Spectre Fleet Going to War
  • An Update on the War Between FIRE and WinterCo
  • Massive Brawl Erupts in LowSec: Over 250B ISK Destroyed
  • Trials in Tribute are Underway

Spectre Fleet Going to War

On May 30th in a ping to their discord, Spectre Fleet announced that they would be going to war against Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), and the region in Providence. The main purpose of this campaign as described in the ping is for content. A secondary stated objective is to expose players to a null-sec warfare without subjecting them to the heavy commitments normally associated with null-sec sov warfare.

Spectre fleet aims to disrupt everyday operations within Providence and provoke fights. Partially this war is also driven by the disdain from some of the members of Spectre fleet towards the NRDS policy that the region usually lives by. They do not want to engage in acquiring sov, but if particular parties would like to do so, Spectre fleet would not interfere. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the conflict in Providence continues to evolve.

An Update on the War Between FIRE and WinterCo

The war of fire and ice is raging on in the south, with both parties picking up the war efforts. Legacy in particular has been stepping up their war efforts, dropping multiple citadels in the region of Detorid, with reports of over 80 medium sized citadels being successfully anchored in addition to 6 fortizar class structures. The structures serve as a mobile tethering points within the region and be further utilized by groups for disturbing the activities of WinterCo.

On May 29th, in the system of 46DP-O in Tenerifis, the groups clashed over a fortizar that was anchoring from Fraternity. FIRE and Legacy formed up an Eagle fleet, while WinterCo formed up in Munnins.  The Legacy eagle fleet found itself in a tight spot, so the FC on call escalated with dreads and carriers, hoping to push WinterCo forces off the objective. This effort proved to be fruitless, and much of the subcap fleet and capitals that were engaged died. All in all, over 140B ISK was destroyed, 104B ISK of which was lost by Legacy forces in their attempt to kill the fortizar before it could start its anchor timer.  

On May 30th, fighting broke out in the system of TY2X-C in Tenerifis over a tackled XIX rorqual. TEST and FIRE formed up a Munnin fleet in response. Eventually both sides escalated, dropping dreads in the process. After the dust settled, over 61B ISK had been destroyed, with TEST and FIRE losing over 44B ISK of the total in the defense effort of the rorqual.

On May 31st, the two sides clashed again, this time in the system of DX-DFJ in Detorid over an anchoring TEST fortizar in the system. TEST, Legacy and FIRE primarily formed an Eagle fleet with carrier and FAX support, while WinterCo formed Munnins as well with Dread support. Pandemic Horde also showed up to the battle in an Munnin fleet, while Skill-urself was present with an eagle fleet both in support of WinterCo forces. Legacy forces had formed an hour early, and went to the system of RT-9WL and held on the IAS-I5 gate while other TEST structures were anchoring throughout the region. While one of the other fortizar’s that Legacy had anchoring died uncontested, DX-DFJ saw some fighting unfold. Legacy sent subcaps to reinforce the capitals that had been dropped in an attempt to save the fortizar only to arrive a little too late as the fortizar died.

It is understood by NER that there was a communication problem with part of Legacy’s reinforcement capital wing that resulted in some of the carriers warping to the fortizar as it was dying. Naturally, these carriers were caught and dispatched easily by WinterCo forces. The butcher’s bill on this particular engagement was over 83B ISK destroyed, with Legacy and FIRE losing nearly 73B ISK of that total. This conflict is only just getting started, and more skirmishes and battles are bound to unfold. The New Eden Report will keep you informed with updates from the conflict.

Massive Brawl Erupts in LowSec: Over 250B ISK Destroyed

In the early hours of June 1st, in the system of Schoorasana, intense fighting broke out over an armor timer of a Shoot First fortizar class structure. Shoot First and Siege Green formed up in a Machariel subcap fleet with Iron Armada forming a Leshak fleet with some dreads and fax on standby to assist them. Snuffed Out, Infinity Avenger, and Pen is Out formed up in a Machariel fleet of their own. Did he say Jump decided to 3rd party on the engagement with some additional machariels. Fighting escalated quickly from that point, with both sides dropping dread bombs and fax support. The two subcap fleets continued to duke it out while the dreads were getting blown up in rapid succession. The fortizar was eventually able to successfully repair, and the sides disengaged.

The battle proved to be a costly one, with reports indicating over 260B ISK was destroyed over the timer. Of that total, the defenders lost 166B ISK defending the fortizar. This was not the first time that Snuffed Out has gone after the fortizar, and it is certainly not going to be the last time either, with fighting anticipating to only continue to rage on in the area between the parties. NER’s Salivan Harddin wrote a battle report examining this battle closely which can be found on the website.

Trials in Tribute are Underway

In our last 1900, New Eden Report covered the deployment of the Imperium against Tribute. That campaign has gone into full swing, with the sov being reinforced and infrastructure in the region being destroyed by attacking forces. Notably, Goons took control of the M-OEE8 TCU and IHub, a known Keepstar system for Pandemic Legion

However, there have been a couple of skirmishes in the region between the two parties. On the 26th of May in the system of 15W-GC in Tribute the two sides clashed. Imperium forces formed up a Baltec fleet while Panfam forces formed up in a Munnin fleet. The fighting lasted for a little over an hour, with over 77B ISK destroyed, 60B ISK of which was lost by Imperium forces in their attempt to reinforce the Panfam owned fortizar in the system.

The groups clashed again on the 31st of May in the system of WH-JCA over the SH1-6P IHub timer. The Imperium formed up a combined baltec and eagle fleet while Panfam forces formed a eagle fleet. The Imperium also received help from Legacy, who came in a combination of a bomber and harpy fleet. The two fleets engaged in the system with the bulk of the Imperium forces caught in a bubble. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Panfam escalated by dropping HAW dreads to focus on killing Imperium Bhaalgorns. Since the Imperium could not drop capitals they wanted, they elected to bring them back home, at which point, Panfam escalated further, dropping multiple supercapitals onto the grid. After the battle was concluded, over 75B ISK was destroyed, with Imperial Legacy forces losing over 50B ISK in their efforts. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the situation in Tribute continues to unfold.

Local News:

CCP Ports Capital Botters to Jita

On May 31st, CCP moved characters who were known to bot into Jita, and gave them suspect timers.  Two Erebus class titans, along with 2 Nyx supercarriers and a Hel supercarrier were ported to the heavily populated trade hub and were destroyed. In total, over 237B ISK in supercapitals were destroyed.

Destruction in Delve Continues

On May 31st around 19:46 eve time in the system of QX-LIJ in Delve, multiple rorquals were tackled by Delve Pest Control Inc.. The attackers were quick to act, dropping a mobile cyno inhibitor to prevent further escalation from Goonswarm. Before the mobile cyno inhib went online, they lit a cyno of their own, dropping numerous anti-capital fit dreads onto the field. A Hel supercarrier was in the ore anom with the rorquals to protect them, however with the number of dreads that materialized, the Hel stood little chance and was the first to get destroyed. The dreads proceeded to turn their attention to the rorquals and began killing them one by one, preventing them from getting Wetu’s out to store away some of their excavator mining drones. A total of 13 rorquals were destroyed in addition to the Hel supercarrier, bringing the total isk lost for the engagement to over 100B ISK by Goonswarm.

Notable Kills:

On June 1st, the first Ikitursa was lost, only 3 days after the Invasion expansion had been released. The first Ikitursa to die came in at over 4B ISK, and was lost to abyssal rats. The first Ikitrusa to be lost in PVP in known space belonged to Phoenix Bain, who lost their shield fit Ikitursa in Martoh, valued at over 3.5B ISK.

The first Draugur to be lost was on June 1st by Jebi Vjetar, who lost it in the system of Arzad to a small gang which was valued at 1.7B ISK.

The first Nergal to be lost was on May 30th by Choppa Fusion in the system of Murethand, who lost it in a fight against another Nergal pilot. The value of the ship came in at 1.7B ISK.


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