In the evening of June 3rd, just before 1700, an engagement took place between the forces of Legacy Co and Winter Coalition. Legacy Co tackled Winter Coalition Rorquals in an Ice Belt in the system of H-93YV in Detorid, an Endless Crew alliance owned system, and quickly flashformed a Goku bomber fleet, mustering a sizable fleet of around 180 members. Winter Coalition formed a Muninn fleet in response measuring at around 110 members.

The Legacy Goku fleet made best speed to H-93YV, however the Winter Coalition Muninns were able to bridge into the system just before, massacring the Legacy Coalition Sabres present. The Legacy fleet landed on grid, where the Muninns were spread out in a large ball, to mitigate bomb effectiveness. This proved to be effective as when the bomber fleet attempted a bomb run, only a portion of the Muninns were affected.

The two sides then faced off for a couple minutes, however the artillery of the Muninns proved to chew through the Frigates and Destroyers of Legacy far faster than Legacy ships could destroy their Muninns, with three to four Legacy ships going down for every one Winter Coalition ship that was destroyed. After a couple more minutes, Legacy made the call the disengage and gave up on the Rorquals. As Legacy retreated, Winter Coalition chased them, with the most success happening in U-MFTL, as Legacy Coalition lost roughly 16 ships in exchange for some tackle and a Muninn.

As Legacy made their way out of Detorid, they lost a couple more ships in the systems of O3-4MN and IAS-I5, while killing off as much tackle as possible. All fighting was completed within 20 minutes, and the engagement saw 20.53 bil destroyed in total, with 13.95 bil and 164 ships lost on the Legacy Co side, and 6.57 bil and 47 ships lost by Winter Coalition. The full battle report can be found here.