Ostingele system, Placid region. On the 8th of June at 3:28 EVE Standard Time, a chaotic battle erupted in the system.

The battle was fought over a Panic Attack. [S4UCE] Fortizar citadel which Snuffed Out [B B C] forces had reinforced. With the structure set to exit its final reinforcement phase in the early hours of June, both sides prepared for an all out battle over its fate.

Snuffed Out and Pen Is Out [WANGS] formed a joint Machariel battleship fleet a 100 pilot strong with a couple of force auxiliaries, three Phoenix dreadnoughts fitted for long range engagements and a combat carrier to boot. The force entered the system and warped to a tactical nearly 300 kilometers away from the Fortizar in order to bring in its capital support. The dreadnoughts entered siege cycles and started bashing the structure once it exited its invulnerability phase. Further reinforcements arrived in the form of a 70 pilot The Initiative. [INIT.] Loki strategic cruiser fleet which waited alongside the battleships for the defenders to arrive.

The defending fleets included a joint Shoot First. [SFQAL], Panic Attack and Hull Penetration [FCKRS] 90 pilot Nightmare battleship fleet supported by a 60 pilot Iron Armada [FLEEP] and Intergalactic Space Hobos [.BUMS] Raven battleship fleet. Defenders would also receive further reinforcements in the form of a joint United Federation of Conifers [.UFC.]/G0N3 F1SS10N [G0F1S]/Rote Kapelle [STUGH] 50 pilot Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet and a 30 pilot Did he say Jump [DHSJ] Drekavac battlecruiser fleet. However, lack of coordination caused frequent incidents of friendly fire and even blocked further reinforcements as Did he say Jump ended up camping the wormhole which would have allowed Siege Green. [SGGRN] to bring further reinforcements to the Nightmare fleet, instead forced to bring a small Cormorant destroyer gang to support the fighting*.

*Did he say Jump claimed to have told Siege Green that they could pass through the wormhole but it seems trust was quite low among defenders.

The various fleets entered the system, Shoot First bridging into the system and picking up Panic Attack and Hull Penetration reinforcements. The other fleets filtered in and made their way to the grid.

Hostilities commenced when the Nightmare fleet, now consolidated, warped at long range (80 kilometers) of the Snuffed Out battleships and opened fire. The two sides began exchanging fire, the Muninn fleet warping in at medium range (around 70 kilometers) while the Raven fleet kept a considerable range (around 200 kilometers from the hostile battleships). The Drekavac fleet danced around the grid, assisting as needed. A confusing long range battle unfolded as more combatants joined the fray.

The Nightmare fleet stumbled early on, most of its fleet commanders volleyed by the Machariels’ artillery cannons. The fleet pulled more range as the two sides continued to sortie. The Ravens and Muninns focused their firepower on the Snuffed Out battleships, adding more pressure on the fleet. The Initiative attempted to aid Snuffed Out, warping on top of the Nightmare fleet in order to slow it down and add its damage to the mix. However the Drekavac and Muninn fleets quickly took note and targeted the strategic cruisers, killing their fleet commander and forcing the rest of the fleet to warp off to regroup.

From then on The Initiative would attempt to land on top of various fleets, including the Muninn and Raven fleets, in a series of hit and run attacks.

The battle continued to rage on as the Machariel and Nightmare fleets continued to exchange losses. Snuffed Out was starting to cave in under the pressure of four fleets, losing battleships at a steady pace though still able to volley the Nightmare fleet. However its dreadnoughts were also becoming targets for the assembled defenders. With the aid of the Fortizar, two of the three Phoenix dreadnoughts were brought down, the third managing to barely escape. Snuffed Out realized it would need to pause the Fortizar manually and brought in a couple of fresh force auxiliaries, its force warping to the citadel where it was joined by The Initiative.

The fleet started bashing the structure while the defenders busied themselves with destroying the two force auxiliaries that were remained stranded far from Snuffed Out forces. The defending fleets, having dispatched the two force auxiliaries, warped at long range of the Snuffed Out fleet and resumed the fighting. Once more the two sides traded blows, each side losing mainline ships at an even pace.

The Fortizar however, was slowly losing its remaining hit points. In a final attempt to deal with Snuffed Out’s fleet, in particular its force auxiliary support, a single dreadnought was brought in by the Nightmare fleet. Snuffed Out quickly responded, lighting a cynosural beacon and bringing a full dreadnought squadron of its own to the field. The dreadnoughts quickly dispatched their hostile counterpart and added their firepower to bashing the structure which was nearing critical levels.

The defenders attempted to remove some of the hostile dreadnoughts, destroying one but to no avail. The structure finally gave in and exploded, securing the objective to the attackers. With the structure destroyed, most of the defenders chose to disperse rather than deal with Snuffed Out and The Initiative. Moreover, incidents of friendly fire soured some of the relations between the various fleets.

While the Nightmare, Raven and Muninn fleets managed to extract without further incident, Did he say Jump’s Drekavac fleet was not so lucky. The fleet was engaged with The Initiative, which warped on top of it. The two sides fought each other at close range when Snuffed Out, no longer under the pressure of the defending fleets, warped in to aid The Initiative. The Snuffed Out Machariels, equipped with warp scramblers as a measure against command destroyers, used them to tackle and dispatch most of the fleet, resulting in high losses.

With the Fortizar destroyed and Did he say Jump in retreat, Snuffed Out and The Initiative chose to extract as well, bringing an end to the fighting.

The battle from the perspective of the Snuffed Out fleet.

Battle report for the Ostingele system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 27 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting 470 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Snuffed Out, Pen Is Out and The Initiative lost a combined 42 ships including 3 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 12 strategic cruisers and 14 battleships for a combined 36.85 billion ISK damage.
The defenders lost a combined 231 ships including 1 dreadnought. 29 battleships. 14 battlecruisers and 3 heavy assault cruisers for a combined 57.65 billion ISK damage.