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  • Wormhole Brawl Results in over 30B Destroyed
  • Hammerwerke Eviction Results in 100B Destroyed
  • Carnage in Providence Leaves over 150B Lost
  • Update on the War in the North


Wormhole Brawl Results in Over 30B Destroyed

On June 7th, fighting broke out in the system of J172551 over an anchoring fortizar in the system by Great Blue Balls of Fire. The defenders formed up multiple dreads to protect their anchoring structure while the attackers formed a combined confessor/kikimora fleet. It is understood by NER that one of the main reasons the system and the fortizar were targeted was because the defenders had killed a free port memorial structure in the wormhole that was a tribute to a recently passed member of one of the attacking corps, Mindful Visteen. The New Eden Report had covered his passing back in January. Fighting lasted for over an hour and a half, with the fortizar ultimately dying to the attacking forces along with 3 of their defense dreadnoughts. In total, over 30B ISK was destroyed, 21B of which was lost by the defenders in their defense of the anchoring fortizar.

Hammerwerke Eviction Results in 100B ISK Destroyed

On June 9th in the system of J114405 fighting broke out over the final timer of a fortizar between Hole Control, Holesale and Hostile Intervention against Hammerwerke, Destiny’s Call, and Hidden Baguette. The attacking forces formed up initially in a Munnin fleet to attack the citadel, while the defenders formed up a Bhaalgorn and Brutix Navy Issue fleet with HAW Dreads and FAX support. As the fighting commenced, the Munnin fleet was struggling against the neuting power of the fortizar, resulting in the loss of some Scimitar logistics cruisers. Additionally, both sides got the added surprise of a combined Volta, Snuffed Out and Little Red Riding Hole fleet crashing the party in a kikimora fleet. The kikimora fleet got a good warp in on the attacking Munnin fleet, which resulted in the loss of some additional Munnin DPS ships.

However, as the time progressed, the Munnin attack fleet and the Kikimora 3rd party fleet decided to attack the fort together and burn it down. As it became more evident that the fortizar was going to die, the defenders started warping subcaps and capitals off the grid in order to ensure their safety. However, the mainline subcap fleet got caught in a catch bubble that was in direct line with the fortizar off an azbel in the system that the defenders were warping to. With the subcaps caught, the attacking forces started picking them off one by one. At this point, the defenders starting bringing in capital support for the trapped subcap forces. The attackers responded by having some of their pilots reship into heavy armor Leshaks with armor logi to burn down the capital support that was present. After the fighting concluded, over 101B ISK was destroyed, 87.4B ISK of which was lost by the defenders in their efforts to defend the fortizar.

Video of the attacker POV during the eviction:

Carnage in Providence Leaves over 150B Lost

On June 9th around 19:00 in the system of YQB-22 in Providence, fighting broke out between Provibloc forces and Honorable Third Party and Purple Helmeted Warriors. Both sides formed up Machariel fleets. HTP and their allies dropped dreadnoughts onto the grid, which provibloc matched in kind, dropping a dreadbomb of their own. However, HTP and their allies were prepared to drop the hammer, escalating further by dropping supercapitals and Titans onto the field as well. At this point the grid could no longer be held, so the forces withdrew. All in all, over 150B ISK was destroyed, with Provibloc forces accounting for 117B of the total. Stay tuned for an in depth analysis of this conflict from NER’s Salivan Harddin in the coming days. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the war in Providence continues to develop.

Update on the War in the North

The War in the North rages on, with DeadCo taking control of sov in Tenal and a lot of Panfam infrastructure being laid to waste, with Imperium forces destroying well over 100B ISK in structures (not accounting for any of the rigs they may have had pre-invasion). Additionally, the keepstars in the system of M-OEE8 and 0-YMBJ in Tribute were destroyed early today, with the M-O Keepstar coming in valued at 171B ISK and the 0-Y Keepstar coming in at 293B ISK due to rigs on the structure.

Additionally, Panfam forces have lost control of the IHub in the system of P3EN-E in Vale of the Silent, meaning that they can no longer use the cyno-jammer. This is important to note because this system is also a keepstar system for Panfam, and this exposes that citadel to Imperium forces looking to add on to the damage they’ve inflicted thus far in their glassing of Panfam assets. The New Eden Report will keep you informed as the War in North continues to unfold.

Local News:

Atlulle, Essence. On June 4th Snuffed Out [B B C] attempted to destroy a Shoot First [SFQAL] Azbel engineering complex in the system. Snuffed Out brought a small Machariel fleet with a single dreadnought to dispatch the structure as it destroyed a Tatara refinery earlier without contest. Shoot First decided to defend the structure this time, bringing in dreadnoughts and combat carriers to fight Snuffed Out which attempted to respond in kind, calling for further reinforcements. The two sides brawled on the structure, with Snuffed Out finally emerging as the victor.

Battle report can be found here:

MP5-KR, Paragorn Soul. On the 4th of June WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] tackled a Rorqual belonging to Already Replaced. [AARP.] in the system. Already Replaced started bringing in capital ships to free its tackled ship which ended stranded as well while WE FORM V0LTA formed a Loki fleet which started decimating the Already Replaced capital ships. After mounting losses, Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] mounted a rescue fleet, bringing a combat carrier fleet to the system. Not wishing to contest Test Alliance Please Ignore, WE FORM V0LTA retreated, ending the fight.

Battle report can be found here:

Ostingele, Placid. On June 8th Snuffed Out, Pen Is Out and The Initiative clashed with a make shift coalition over a Panic Attack Fortizar. The Fortizar was in its final reinforcement phase. Panic Attack, Hull Penetration and Shoot First formed a Nightmare fleet to defend the structure, with Iron Armada and Intergalactic Space Hobos forming a Boosh Raven fleet to aid them. A Did he say Jump Drekavac fleet and even a United Federation of Conifers/G0NE F1SS10N Muninn fleet arrived to offer aid. The resulting battle proved chaotic, with the two sides exchanging heavy losses.

Battle report can be found here:

Z-N9IP, Impass. On June 8th, Bombers Bar and We Form Volta utilized the cloaky camping services of Mar5hy, who is currently camping the region, to drop on Brave rorquals in the system. Volta had formed a Loki fleet while bombers bar naturally formed some bombers. They dropped a mobile cyno inhibitor to ensure counter dropping would not be easily achieved. All four rorquals died, with attackers only losing the mobile cyno inhib after extraction.

Battle report can be found here:

S-KSWL, Tenal. On June 9th, skill urself and Darkness skirmished over an skill urself owned astrahus in the system. Skill urself formed up Nightmares while Darkness formed an Ishtar fleet. As the battle progressed, Darkness escalated with 8 dreads and a carrier, to which skill urself responded by dropping a Minokawa FAX onto the field.

Skill urself’s POV of the battle:

Battle report can be found here:

Notable Kills:

On June 9th in the system of Perimeter, Violans lost an ARK to a goonswarm gank squad that was valued at over 29B ISK.  Notably, the Ark contained over 2700 units of PLEX in the cargohold, 2450 of which dropped, valued at over 9B ISK.

On June 9th, in the system on Hothomouh, Helia Siption lost their Avatar to Purple Helmeted Warriors and others in a dreadbomb valued at over 116B ISK. Inside the Avatar, the pilot had an entire blueprint original set of numerous ingame items ranging from rigs to ships to fighters as well as some datacores and other ships and mods.

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