J114405 system, wormhole space. On the 9th of June at 15:22 EVE Standard Time a battle erupted in the system as Hole Control [HOLE] with allies such as Holesale Operations [HOLES] continued its eviction of Hammerwerke [H-M-W].

The battle was fought over Hammerwerke’s main staging Fortizar citadel which was exiting its final reinforcement timer. Hole Control had recently went on campaign against German groups in wormhole space, attacking them due to a perceived breach of wormhole etiquette, i.e. not engaging in good faith fights. Hammerwerke had denied the accusations, simply stating Hole Control wished to cover its evictions in a veneer of respectability while in reality stifling content.

Regardless, both sides prepared for a major clash on June 9th. Hammerwerke working with G-Force; an informal coalition of German speaking alliances and corporations such as Destiny’s Call [DTS], Brotherhood of Silent Space [BOSS.], Warped Intentions [W4RP] and others, gathered a 100 pilot strong fleet, mainly in Bhaalgorn battleships and Brutix navy issue battlecruisers with a mixed capital squadron in support. Against this, Hole Control mustered a 70 pilot Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet.

The two sides clashed on the Fortizar, Hammerwerke setting up on the structure with its full fleet while the Hole Control fleet warped at close range (30 kilometers) and started targeting the battlecruisers. The two fleets exchanged losses, the Muninns volleying the Brutix navy issue hulls but suffering losses in return, both of mainline ships and logistics cruisers. Before the fight could go any further though, it was interrupted by a third party in the form of WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF].

The alliance with several allies such as Snuffed Out [B B C] formed a 90 pilot Kikimora destroyer fleet and managed to enter the system without issues, Hole Control unable to maintain adequate hole control during the fight. The alliance had been called on by Hammerwerke to defend the structure and the destroyers came in, warping on top of the Muninn fleet and opening fire.

With losses mounting and the pressure of a second fleet, the Muninn fleet decided to retreat. Using command destroyers, the fleet teleported itself out of harm’s way before warping off to a tower the alliance had set up in the system. In the meantime Hole Control scouts kept tabs on the situation.

At this point, accounts diverge. According to WE FORM V0LTA, the alliance stated it would act as a pure third party and decide its actions depending on the situation. Hammerwerke disputes this account, claiming WE FORM V0LTA knew in advance of Hammerwerke’s numbers and plan in order to protect the Fortizar.

Regardless, WE FORM V0LTA chose to attack the Hammerwerke fleet due to it being the larger and better equipped of the two combatants, destroying a couple of ships while the rest of the fleet quickly docked up in the structure and undocked again in order to tether to the structure. Hole Control continued to monitor the situation.

Realizing Hammerwerke was not going to engage its fleet, WE FORM V0LTA decided to attack the Fortizar instead, hoping to force Hammerwerke into a fight. Hammerwreke though, had other plans and decided to warp their fleet out, hopefully drawing WE FORM V0LTA and Hole Control away from the structure.

Thus the fleet, including its capital squadron, warped off the Fortizar. This was the point where a grave miscommunication occurred in the Hammerwerke fleet. The sub capital and capital portions, due to warp speeds, were to warp off separately. The destination was an Azbel engineering complex in the system. However the capital squadron had instead warped by mistake to an Athanor refinery while the sub capital fleet’s destination was leaked to the whole fleet before warp, allowing Hole Control to position an interdictor between the Fortizar and the engineering complex. This resulted in the sub capital fleet getting stranded hundreds of kilometers from the safety of the structure while the capital squadron landed safely and tethered on the refinery.

With the battleships dragged by the interdiction probes, the WE FORM V0LTA Kikimora fleet warped on top of the ships and opened fire, the two fleets brawling at point blank range. Seeing this and getting in touch with WE FORM V0LTA, Hole Control took to the field again, warping its Muninn fleet into the fray and joining the fight.

The two sides traded blows at close range, the battleships trying to find a way out of the cover of interdiction probes without success as interdictors kept them pinned down. Even so, the battleships and battlecruisers were able to fell the destroyers, though losing mainline ships in the process. A back and forth soon developed as the two sides traded mainline ships, WE FORM V0LTA gaining a favorable lead with the aid of Hole Control.

Realizing they couldn’t escape from the assaulting fleets and wanting to focus their attention away from the Fortizar, Hammerwerke decided to warp in its capital squadron, bringing in force auxiliaries and high angle weapon dreadnoughts which entered siege cycles and targeted the assembled hostiles. WE FORM V0LTA took the opportunity to withdraw, warping to the Fortizar to make sure to keep it paused in order to force Hammerwerke to keep fighting.

Hole Control had brought a few Leshak battleships to slowly chip away at the structure, but they fell prey to a third party squadron of stealth bombers which managed to destroy one of the ships. WE FORM V0LTA landed on the structure and cleared the stealth bombers before regrouping and warping back to the battlefield, aiding in the final destruction of the Hammerwerke fleet.

Hammerwreke had lost its entire sub capital fleet, the Muninn fleet finishing the job the Kikimoras’ started. With the sub capital portion out of the way, all that was left were the capitals. Trapped on the grid, they did their best to harass the attackers but to no avail. Hole Control used the opportunity to hold them down while its fleet warped back to its tower, reshipping from heavy assault cruisers to Leshaks. The Leshaks, with their weapons systems, have proven to be potent anti capital doctrine, especially in wormhole space. Without needing to contend with the sub capitals, Hole Control and WE FORM V0LTA slowly but surely brought down Hammerwreke’s capital force.

At the same time, the Leshaks left behind finished their job, destroying the Fortizar and securing the objective for Hole Control. Having lost both their fleet and citadel, Hammerwerke decided not to contend with the attackers for the day, allowing the attackers to claim the field.

WE FORM V0LTA would later leave the wormhole while Hole Control would stay to continue the eviction as more timers were set to expire in the coming days. Thus the battle of J114405 ended.

The battle from the WE FORM V0LTA fleet’s perspective

Battle report for the J114405 system can be found here.

The battle on its two parts lasted approximately 40 minutes with Time Dilation not reported. Due to the properties of wormhole space an accurate local count is impossible, but it is believed that the system hosted an estimated 270 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Hole Control, its allies and WE FORM V0LTA lost 45 ships combined including 19 destroyers and 5 heavy assault cruisers for a total of 12.69 billion ISK damage.
Due to the explosion of the Fortizar and wormhole mechanics, accurate losses for Hammerwerke and its allies are hard to quantify but its believed that they lost 7 dreadnoughts, 3 force auxiliaries, 38 battleships and 45 combat battlecruisers in the fighting, which together with the citadel and other ships arrives at a grand total of 94.95 billion ISK damage