Barleguet system, Placid region. On the 12th of June at 3:10 EVE Standard Time the system erupted into a major conflagration as Snuffed Out [B B C] and Shoot First. [SFQAL]/Iron Armada [FLEEP] clashed violently.

The battle was fought over a staging Fortizar citadel of Iron Armada. The structure had been reinforced several times in the past by various groups yet managed to survive. That is until Iron Armada pledged to support Shoot First in its war with Snuffed Out, which caused the alliance to lose patience and decide to destroy the structure.

Thus Snuffed Out, Pen Is Out [WANGS] and an assembly of smaller allies formed a 210 pilot Machariel battleship fleet with a large dreadnought wing and a few force auxiliaries in reserve. The fleet bridged to the system, materializing 300 kilometers from the stricken structure. Only the battleships, a couple of force auxiliaries and several dreadnoughts fitted for long range engagement jumped through, the rest of the dreadnoughts remained in reserve in case of an almost certain capital escalation.

The defenders immediately sent a squadron of Apocalypse battleships fitted with smartbombs to try and destroy the Snuffed Out battleships as they materialized around the cynosural beacon. However Snuffed Out quickly anchored and started to pull away from the beacon, thus by the time the battleships landed, most ships were already too far from the range of their smartbombs. The Machariels opened fire and dispatched the ships which managed to damage part of the fleet but not enough to destroy any ships.

In the meantime the main bulk of the Iron Armada/Shoot First fleet organized. Alongside Panic Attack.[S4UCE], Hull Penetration [FCKRS], Intergalactic Space Hobos [.BUMS.] and Free Range Chikuns [ORGANC] the two alliances gathered 180 pilots in a mixed Bhaalgorn/Machariel battleship fleet with a large dreadnought wing of its own ready to escalate. The fleet undocked from the Fortizar and warped at medium (50 kilometer) range of the Snuffed Out fleet. The fleets started exchanging fire, Iron Armada/Shoot First struggling to break the Snuffed Out’s armor thanks to the presence of force auxiliaries while losing a few mainline ships to the answering autocannon fire of Snuffed Out.

During this a 60 pilot Cerberus heavy assault cruiser fleet entered the fray. The Cerberus fleet of United Federation of Conifers [.UFC.]/G0N3 F1SS10N [G0F1S]/Rote Kapelle [STUGH] was aware of the coming fight and decided to participate as a third party. Though in past fights it was ready to ally with the defenders against Snuffed Out, this time the fleet reached out to Snuffed Out to sort a truce in order to pay back Iron Armada for destroying their staging Fortizar in the Syndicate region a year ago. The Cerberus fleet landed at long range of the fight (100 kilometers) and would remain at such distance for most of the battle, targeting Iron Armada/Shoot First ships.

Unable to break tank of the hostile battleships, Iron Armada/Shoot First warped back to the Fortizar. The structure itself was slowly losing health to the constant barrage of the Snuffed Out dreadnoughts, and with the Snuffed Out fleet guarding them there was little the defenders could do. Thus a decision was made to draw the Snuffed Out fleet away from its force auxiliaries and dreadnoughts.

Three Iron Armada/Shoot First dreadnoughts undocked in a station in the system and warped at 100 kilometers from the Fortizar, positioning them a mere 150 kilometers from Snuffed Out forces. Though the dreadnoughts were fitted for a long range fight, they did not engage their siege cycles thus were still mobile. Snuffed Out attempted to warp on the ships, the battleships landing only to see the dreadnoughts enter warp tunnels and escape right in front of them. However separated from their force auxiliaries and better yet, in range of the Fortizar’s weapon systems, Iron Armada/Shoot First began targeting the ships with the citadel. Snuffed Out brought in a force auxiliary but Iron Armada/Shoot First brought a few more long range dreadnoughts, positioning them on the Fortizar itself and with the citadel, shot and destroyed the force auxiliary that Snuffed Out brought to aid its fleet to tank.

Snuffed Out, only 100 kilometers from the Iron Armada/Shoot First fleet, started bombarding the ships but this time Iron Armada/Shoot First had a force auxiliary of its own on the field and soaked up the damage. Snuffed Out decided to disengage, warping off to its dreadnoughts to decide whether or not to refit its battleships but ended up staying with autocannons, and warped back in on top of the Iron Armada/Shoot First fleet. The fleets began fighting on the Fortizar itself.

The two sides clashed in a close range melee, Snuffed Out managing to destroy a few hostile battleships though sustaining losses itself. The alliance then decided to escalate early with a squadron (10 ships) of dreadnoughts in order to get rid of Iron Armada/Shoot First’s force auxiliary and the few dreadnoughts it had on the Fortizar. Iron Armada/Shoot First quickly retaliated by bringing in their dreadnought wing. Snuffed Out returned the favor and the field immediately descended into a dreadnought brawl.

Dreadnoughts materialized on field, entered siege cycles and targeted each other before opening fire. The sub capital fleets quickly joined their firepower to the melee as dreadnoughts caved in and blew up left and right. However it quickly became apparent that the defenders were trading poorly, losing two dreadnoughts for each one they killed. Whatsmore, some of their allies had issues bringing in further dreadnoughts to the field, delaying reinforcements for several precious minutes. Finally, more defending dreadnoughts deployed to the field, this time at a range of the ensuing melee and added their firepower to the mix.

If the Iron Armada/Shoot First fleet commanders thought the reinforcements would have turned the tide of the dreadnought brawl they were going to be disappointed as Snuffed Out reacted to these new arrivals by bringing in two whole squadrons of titans. The titans materialized a few kilometers above the fray and immediately opened fire. Doomsday weapons spooled up and discharged their energy at the hostile dreadnoughts, destroying several and damaging others who’d later fall prey to their capital guns.

Unable to contend with Snuffed Out’s super capital force, the defenders conceded defeat and tried to extract as much as they could from the field. Dreadnoughts that haven’t entered siege cycles or just ended theirs warped off with whatever capitals were free as Snuffed Out pressed its advantage. The sub capital fleet warped off as well, Snuffed Out able to snatch a few of the retreating ships though half the fleet did manage to evade destruction.

With the Iron Armada/Shoot First fleet disposed of, the citadel came next, the structure exploding after the initial dreadnoughts finished the job of chewing through its hull. Having won both the fight and the objective, Snuffed Out looted the field before extracting its forces. With the fight over, the Cerberus fleet retreated as well, bringing an end to the fighting.

The battle from the perspective of the Snuffed Out Machariel fleet.

Battle report for the Barleguet system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 40 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting according to sources, nearly 600 pilots.

Iron Armada, Shoot First and their myriad of allies lost a combined 129 ships including 60 dreadnoughts, 1 combat carrier, 3 force auxiliaries and 36 battleships for a total of 191.51 billion ISK damage.
Snuffed Out and its allies lost a combined 40 ships including 25 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries and 7 battleships for a total of 83.26 billion ISK damage.
United Federation of Conifers and its friends lost 5 ships including 2 heavy assault cruisers for a mere 1.53 billion ISK damage.