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  • Drifter Forces Harassing Nullsec Entities
  • Nullsec Blackout Begins
  • Replicator Redeploys to Branch 

Drifter Forces Harassing Nullsec Entities
A couple weeks ago, drifter invasions began across the null sec regions of New Eden. During this time, trillions of ISK in ships and structures have been killed by Drifter forces. Complicating matters is that Drifters ignore the damage caps of structures that players are normally subjected to when attacking structures, thus reducing the amount of time to respond significantly. The Drifters have been known to follow through on timers, and were able to kill the first non flex structure on July 4th, which was an athanor owned by Silver Dragonz. They killed an astrahus shortly thereafter as well. This invasion also was partly responsible for Goons returning to delve after their campaign to glass the regions in the north held by Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion. This emergent threat is still relatively new and the New Eden Report will keep you informed as developments arise.

Nullsec Blackout Begins
In an article posted to the website, CCP Falcon announced that the nullsec blackout that was warned in a previous Scope video would commence on Friday, July 12th. At this point, local will be switched to “Delayed Mode” which is most commonly associated with wormhole space. What this means is that you will not appear in local unless you talk in local chat. This particular event has become a hot button topic, with many people threatening to unsub their accounts while others will sub their accounts in light of the changes. One thing for certain is that like anything else, players will adapt to the changes, and it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

Additionally, players who are electing not to chat in local will not count towards population stats. ZKill has also gone dark as a result of the blackout, and the r/eve subreddit was locked as well. It is that much more important that you guys post about stuff happening in your areas during the blackout. With the zkill service being down, it will be markedly harder to track stuff that is happening and you providing that information can help towards being able to report on the situation.

It is understood by NER that a Fraternity Titan was tackled and killed during the first day of the blackout. On July 13th, an Imp Alliance Tournament ship was killed by a rattlesnake. So far, the blackout has been very costly for both the hunters and the hunted. As of this moment, it is unclear how long the Blackout will last or what the long term effects are of this world event. New Eden Report will keep you informed as we get more information on the matter.

Replicator Redeploys to Branch
Replicator, the cloaky camper, has deployed his forces out to the region of Branch once again in an effort to curtail the ratting done by Ranger Regiment members. The last time he was in the region, Ranger Regiment lost a Titan that was ratting. How long the deployment will be for is unknown at this time. The New Eden Report will keep you informed with developments from the region.

Local News:
J-RVGD, Esoteria. On July 6th, The Initiative formed a “heavy stuka” fleet, which comprised of Nagas and MJD command destroyers. They proceeded to tackle some rorquals as a Nyx supercarrier that was in a mining anomaly. They dropped a mobile cyno inhib on the grid, however, the rorqual pilots were quick to respond by lighting a cyno before the inhibitor onlined, thus making it possible for capitals to still jump to the tackled assets. TEST proceeded to escalate, dropping numerous faxes and dreads onto the field. However, due to the high number of pilots in the INIT fleet, they were able to dispatch numerous dreads in relatively short order. TEST proceeded to bring in more supercapitals, bringing in Titans and supercarriers to push them off the grid. After the dust from the local battle settled, over 40B ISK was destroyed, 37B ISK of which was lost by TEST in its defense of the tackled rorquals.

A video of the INIT Naga fleet perspective can be found here.

PZMA-E, Impass. On July 7th, an NPC titan that was associated with Brave Collective was tackled by Pandemic Horde bombers and kikimora’s. Unfortunately when warping their main fleet back to the tackled titan, they landed in their own bubbles at close range of the titan, which proceeded to boson them. Eventually the Pandemic Horde forces disengaged and left the grid. Over 9B ISK was destroyed, 7.2B ISK of which was lost by Pandemic Horde in their attempt to kill the titan.

28Y9-P, Scalding Pass. On July 9th, fighting broke out between WinterCo and Legacy Forces over a final timer of a fortizar in the system. Legacy formed up in Munnins with FIRE Coalition supporting them in Eagles while WinterCo forces formed up in a Tempest Fleet Issue with FAX to support their subcapital fleet. Ultimately, the superior numbers brought by Legacy and their allies overwhelmed the defending forces, and the fortizar was successfully destroyed. A total of over 79B ISK was destroyed, 67B of which was lost by the defenders in the attempt to protect their fortizar.

A video of the Legacy Munnin fleets POV can be found here.

Isbrabata, Metropolis. On July 7th, fighting broke out between Amarr and Minmatar militias over an astrahus armor timer. Minmatar militia formed up typhoons with guardian logi while the Amarr militia formed up a bhaalgorn/abaddon fleet with apostle logi. Fighting commenced, with neither side able to really break the other when Did he say Jump and Weekend Warriors deciding to 3rd party on the battle with some machariels. Eventually the astrahus was placed into final timer, with Amarr militia pulling out what assets it could while the defenders killed any targets of opportunity they could. Previous battles between the groups had racked up over 35B ISK in losses. New Eden Report will continue to monitor the conflict between the militias and keep you informed with any developments.

A video of the fight from the Did he say Jump perspective can be found here.

2R-CRW, Deklein. On July 9th, Ranger Regiment started anchoring a Keepstar in Deklein, with the intention of making a move into the region. This keepstar was successfully able to anchor on July 10th. It is expected for the alliance to continue the process of moving assets into the region over the coming weeks. New Eden Report will keep you informed with any new developments in the region.

Notable Kills:
On July 6th, Treenewbee Ribbons lost the first Tiamat Alliance Tournament Triglavian Cruiser. This ship also had the unique ability of being covert ops capable. He was caught when he decloaked on a stiletto that was sitting on an abyssal trace. Once the tackle was had, 3 Cynabal faction cruisers jumped into system with close range ammo loaded, and proceeded to kill the rare ship before help could get there in time. The ship came in valued at over 234B ISK, with the fit itself having numerous abyssal rolled mods, making the value of the ship significantly more than that. It was also shield fit, which is not necessarily the normal role for triglavian ships but has been utilized plenty of times for other ships in the triglavian line (i.e. shield kikimoras).

On July 8th, An Mil lost a Victorieux Luxury Yacht in Jita off the Jita IV IV undock. This loss came in valued at over 96B ISK, primarily because the ship had 25,000 PLEX in the cargo.

On July 10th, Athena Min lost a Rorqual in the system of Arton. His loss mail came in valued at over 26B ISK because he had over 20B ISK in compressed ore inside his ship (13B ISK of compressed Gneiss dropped).

Player Meets: 
July 20th: Charlotte NC. EVE Meet will be going down at 5:00pm at the VBGB Beer hall. Be sure to join their discord to get more information about the meet.

August 1 – 4: EVE Northeast. The yearly event hosted by Exookiz is happening again in New York. Tickets are still available and can get bought here. It is my goal to be at this one so if you are going, definitely let me know!

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

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Writers Note: Many of the ZKill/brinyourspace links will not work due to the site going dark with the null sec blackout. The numbers reported are accurate, as they were pulled before the blackout. 

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun