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Bunny Lu Gives Trillions of ISK to Ranger Regiment – Becomes their New CEO

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On the last day of September 2019, when most players in the +8hrs timezone were already in bed, the CEO of Ranger Regiment (RR), Drone Wang, suddenly announced that Bunny Lu (who just donated a large amount of money to AOM and was involved in recent allegations of RMT) will be their new CEO. Drone Wang himself will no longer be in charge of making decisions for the alliance, shocking the whole Chinese-speaking community.

Later, in a more detailed announcement, Drone Wang said that Bunny Lu donated more than trillions of ISK to RR (it was believed to be around 5 trillion). The price was so huge that it reached the daily purchase limitation, so the money has to be remitted in batches. He claimed that this major cash injection will be used to help the development of RR.

A rough translation of Drone Wang’s announcement.

RR was an alliance with a history back to the days when Fraternity (FRT) was fighting against Fidelas Constans. When FRT asked for reinforcements from Serenity players, many of them (together with many famous FCs) immigrated to Tranquility and formed RR. After they won the war, they divided the spoils and territory between each other. As a result, RR moved from Detorid to the north but remained blue with FRT.

The remaining friendship between RR and FRT is quite complex, they are considered to be allies but there is little support between the two entities. By the middle of September, when Legacy fleets approached O3-4WN, RR itself was occupied in tough wars and unable to assist. Their relationship became even more fragile after FRT’s former ally, Pandemic Horde, asked FRT to launch an assault against RR. Though FRT refused to do so, the losses of FRT in Detorid made them no longer capable of providing any kind of assistance too. Under this situation, it seems to be very reasonable for RR to receive a donation at a considerable price.

For Fraternity’s Leader, Noraus, RR gaining a new CEO is not good news. Despite Ranger Regiment being the last ally of Winter Coalition (WC), they now have a new CEO who actively supports The Army of Mango Alliance (AOM), the enemy of WC. However, Bunny Lu, in a later conversation, denied that she made a plan to purchase RR. She swears by the name of her family that what she did was nothing but a whim, making the situation more dramatic.

BunnyLu swear
Bunny Lu swore that she didn’t PLAN to purchase RR.

Despite the desperate situation of WC, RR becoming Bunny Lu’s praetorian guard is definitely a surprise to members of AOM since Bunny Lu was a major supporter of them. With this experienced army joining their side, AOM may be able to have a share in the partition of Detorid after the war.


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