On the 30th of September and 1st of October between 2105 and 0145 EVE Standard Time, a Legacy SIG known as Dino Kommando Specialkrafte (DKS), clashed with Winter Coalition forces in the Cache region. Objectives included an anchoring TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) Astrahus for the first engagement and two VINDICTIVE (VINDI) Athanor timers, one Armor and one Structure timer, for the second engagement.

DKS had told WinterCo that they would be present in their space around the time fighting occurred, and VINDI issued a Call To Arms (CTA). DKS formed a 40 man Loki fleet for the first engagement, while WinterCo initially formed Eagles, but then switched to Muninns, numbering roughly 60 members. 

DKS bridged in their fleet several systems away and gated to VINDI’s staging system of P7-45V, and began to anchor an Astrahus on a Keepstar grid. In the meantime, the WinterCo Muninn fleet was en route a couple of systems over. As the WinterCo fleet entered the system, DKS warped its Loki fleet to a random celestial. The Muninn fleet then began to engage the anchoring Astrahus, pausing its timer. 

The Loki fleet then warped down to the grid, killing a WinterCo Claymore, Caracal, Vexor, and Sacrilege; all of which were far away from WinterCo’s main fleet. DKS then got a good warp on the Muninn fleet, killing three Scimitars, a Lachesis, a Muninn, and a Monitor, while losing nothing. WinterCo decided to then warp off and let the Astrahus anchor.

As DKS was leaving, WinterCo pursued them in fast frigate tackle and a Cormorant/Talwar fleet. WinterCo lost a significant amount of ships in this pursuit but did manage to snag a DKS Loki, who was not aligned properly to the outgate when the rest of his fleet warped. 

The second engagement occurred a couple of hours later, with the objective being the armor timer of a VINDI Athanor in P7-45V and the structure timer of a VINDI Athanor in JZ-B5Y. DKS brought a 40-man Nightmare fleet this time around, against a similar-sized Muninn fleet from WinterCo. The armor timer of the Athanor in P7-45V was completed by DKS with almost no resistance, during which time the 30-minute structure repair timer of the Athanor in JZ-B5Y had already started. 

As DKS arrived on grid with the second Athanor in JZ-B5Y, the repair timer was 5 minutes away from completion. This time, however, the timer would not go without contest. WinterCo, with their Muninn fleet, warped to the Nightmare fleet and started the engagement. After 2-3 minutes of fighting, WinterCo conceded the grid and warped their fleet off, trading two Muninns and six Scimitars for a Jackdaw. DKS then continued to engage the Athanor, whittling down the remaining structure. 

However, as the Athanor was nearing the final percentage points of structure, an Iron Crown (I.S.K) Nyx was seen warping from VINDICTIVE’s main staging Keepstar in P7-45V to the M-MCP8 gate. The Nyx was then successfully tackled in M-MCP8 on the P7-45V gate, and the main DKS Nightmare fleet abandoned the Athanor kill in the hopes of securing a supercarrier kill instead. 

After 10 minutes of fighting the Nyx and other small ships from WinterCo that came in the hopes of rescuing their supercarrier, the Nyx was destroyed by the Nightmares. In terms of objectives, DKS successfully anchored an Astrahus in P7-45V, as well as successfully putting a VINDI Athanor into structure. WinterCo did not lose the Athanor that was due to die in JZ-B5Y, however, this was at the loss of an Iron Crown Nyx supercarrier. All told, DKS lost 965.28 million ISK, while WinterCo lost 23.21 billion ISK. 

The full battle report can be found here.