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  • The Next Chapter of the Invasion Expansion Released
  • 133B ISK Destroyed in Martoh
  • Test Titan Destroyed in Esoteria
  • A statement from NER

The Next Chapter of the Invasion Expansion Released

On Tuesday, November 27th, CCP Games released its latest expansion to the EVE Universe, EVE Invasion Chapter II. This latest release from CCP Games introduces new triglavian sites, in which capsuleers can choose what side of the conflict they choose to support as the triglavians escalate their efforts against the empires.  With the release, CCP also released mid-grade and low-grade variations of a new implant set, the Mimesis set, which focus on increasing the damage output of triglavian weaponry.

The update also brings the long awaited Shareable Bookmark system, which allows people to share locations with alliance members and other people they want via an ACL based system. Most notably, introduced a brand new triglavian ship, the Zirnitra, a triglavian dreadnaught.

Apparently upon release, the stats associated with the dreadnought were not the correct ones, and they were mixed up during deployment. CCP addressed this by fixing the stats to the “correct” ones. However, since no capsuleers have fielded the dread yet, It is fair to say there will possibly be further changes after it gets used by capsuleers in combat.*

*Correction to the article stating the manner in which the dreadnaught was altered. Feedback was given by Exooki from the CSM, thank you for pointing it out. The article has been updated to reflect the feedback.

133B ISK Destroyed in Martoh

On the 21st of November around 02:00 eve time, fighting broke out in the system of Martoh between Pen is Out, Villore Accords, and Malevelon Roe Industries and Federation Uprising, Aggressively Average, The United Federation of Conifers, and Templis CALSF over an Templis CALSF astrahus hull timers in the system. The attackers formed primarily in Machariels, while the defenders had a mixed composition of Machariels and Loki’s. Both machariel fleets utilized apostles to serve as the basis for their logi, but as the battle progressed and the attackers battleship fleet was coming under pressure, a cyno was lit to bring in dreadnaught forces. The defenders countered this dreadbomb with their own. Ultimately, the attackers disengaged and the astrahus timers were saved. The butcher’s bill for the engagement stands at over 133B ISK, 93B ISK of which was lost by the attackers in their efforts to kill the astrahus. A YouTube video from the FEDUP perspective shows pretty nice visual for the breakdown of the fight.

Test Titan Destroyed in Esoteria

On November 24, in the system of V1ZC-S in Esoteria, fighting broke out between WinterCo and TEST Alliance Please Ignore forces over a tackled Rorqual in the region. Initially, Rorquals were caught by a Fraternity blops fleet, which dropped a couple mobile cyno inhibitors to prevent reinforcements from getting in. Fraternity were able to easily kill two of the trapped Rorquals. TEST forces placed a priority taking out these inhibitors to get assistance to their pinned Rorquals. Upon successfully doing so, TEST brought in carriers to assist in clearing off bombers, and escalated further bringing in a squadron of supercarriers, including a Ragnorak Titan class vessel as well as a Vendetta faction class supercarrier. At this point WinterCo responded in kind, lighting a counter cyno which dropped over 30 dreads onto the field. They were able to quickly dispatch the Titan, however, they were unsuccessful in extracting from the field with their dreads. After the dust settled, nearly 117B ISK total was destroyed, with TEST forces losing 79B in the defense effort of their tackled Rorquals. 

Local News:

Ushra’Khan turns 15 years old 

On November 25th, Ushra’Khan turned 15 years old. It stands as the oldest surviving alliance still in the game. In the reddit post commemorating their birthday, they also pointed out the other 14 oldest alliances still active in the game (Stain Empire, CVA, Red Alliance, and RAZOR just to name a few). Happy belated birthday to Ushra’Khan, I hope you guys kill lots of stuff and continue to do great things as you make your way to 16 years! For the other alliances that will be celebrating their long time on this game, I look forward to seeing what you guys get up to.  

CCP Introduces the HyperNet Relay

On November 27th, CCP Games Introduces a concept called HyperNet Relay in SISI. In doing so, they are effectively legalizing gambling in EVE again. This has led to a wide variety of responses from the community from excitement to criticisms of the unintended consequences such a system could bring to the game. NER will keep you posted as the concept continues to move forward.

Notable Kills

On the 25th of November, Mcsteamer Sheppard and Linnn both lost their titans running a blood raider site in Oasa. We Form Volta used a bunch of sabres to keep the Titans bubbled and they were not able to keep themselves up with their faxes dying too quickly and getting reinforcement would take too long. All told, running the site proved to be very costly, with total losses exceeding 170B ISK between the two titans and five faxes that died. 

A Statement from NER

Normally we don’t really issue public statements, but given the length of time and circumstances, we felt it was appropriate. Quick version: back in May, I lost my job, it was not expected and it kinda threw everything reeling when I thought I was in a more stable position. Originally, I tried pushing through it, but as my job search continued to turn up dry it became increasingly difficult to ignore my real life while producing the 1900 News. As I have stated in the past, and even a recent post attempting to copy the format can tell you, compiling such news is not easy and it is time consuming. I was easily spending 15 hours between research, checking discords (#spai), talking to contacts, writing and editing.

Eventually I made the decision to focus on my job hunt 100%, effectively putting the 1900 News on hold. My plan was to come back to doing the 1900 News after I settled into the new job. It took a little longer than anticipated, but I am back in a position where I can return to doing the news once more. Ironically enough, part of my real life job now covers news-work so it always makes me laugh. I really enjoyed writing the 1900 News, I know how much it meant to a lot of the people in the community, so I am looking forward to getting back to business.

I never meant the break to last this long, but I want to assure you all that I have not given up on the great work we have been doing here at New Eden Report, and you can expect the 1900 News from NER as well as our other writing products more consistently going forward.

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

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