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  • Brawl In Metropolis Leaves over 50B ISK Destroyed
  • RR and AOM Set Eachother +5
  • Brawl In Insmother Leaves 57B ISK Destroyed
  • Slugfest in Deklein Leaves over 90B ISK Destroyed

Brawl in Metropolis leaves over 50B ISK Destroyed

On January 9th, in the system of Ardar, fighting broke out between Panic Attack and Same Great Taste. It was a battleship brawl between parties with fax support with fighting lasting about 30 minutes. Then, Predator Elite got involved, dropping multiple capital class vessels onto the grid. This caused the two groups to reship into a counter dread drop with nightmare battleship support. As fighting proceeded to unfold the two low sec groups disengaged as a Pandemic Horde Munnin fleet landed to finish off the remaining caps from the Predator fleet drop. A video from one of the low-sec groups perspectives can be found here. After the dust settled, over 50B ISK was destroyed. 

RR and AOM Set Eachother +5

On January 9th, Ranger Regiment and Army of Mango Alliance set each other to +5 standings. This has no impact on the NIP Test Alliance Please Ignore has with AOM, however, it can have an effect on their ability to rely on AOM to help when Ranger Regiment is on the battlefield given TEST’s deployment against DeadCo. 

Brawl in Insmother Leaves 57B ISK Destroyed

On January 8th, fighting broke out in the region of Insmother between WinterCo and Legacy Forces. WinterCo formed up in Munnins while Legacy formed up in Eagles. The battle lasted nearly 2 hours long spread across 3 systems, with the sides trading blows. As the battle proceeded to unfold, Legacy escalated, dropping multiple supers with fax support. The butcher’s bill for the battle was just over 57B ISK destroyed, 32B ISK of which was lost by WinterCo. 

Slugfest in Deklein Leaves over 90B ISK Destroyed

On January 11th, around 0400 Eve time in the system of J1AU-9 in Deklein, fighting broke out between Panfam forces and DeadCo & Imperium Forces over an United Federation of Conifers Astrahus armor timer. Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion formed up in Eagles, while Pandemic Horde formed Munnins. Conifers and Unspoken Alliance formed a Raven fleet to defend the Astra, which had been serving as a resource by the groups to harass DeadCo space.

DeadCo and Imperium forces formed primarily in eagles to attack the structure. As the battle progressed, Goonswarm and DeadCo dropped multiple dreads while Panfam dropped multiple faxes and carriers. Fighting lasted for about two hours, with the astrahus ultimately being saved. When the dust settled, over 90B ISK had been destroyed, 50B ISK of which was lost by the defenders in their efforts to protect the astrahus. 

Local News:

Imp Dies In Low-Sec

On January 9th, Baltroom lost an IMP Alliance Tournament ship. The value of the ship came in at 133B ISK, however, with a super-majority of the mods being Abyssal rolled, the value of the ship is likely far greater depending on the base mods that were rolled. 

Winners of #MYEVE2019 Announced

On a post on January 10th, CCP Convict announced the winners of the social media contest they launched simultaneously with their Year in EVE review videos. All the winners got 500 PLEX and skins. Two of the winners were additionally given limited edition Frigates of EVE book that was signed by CCP Devs. Congrats to all the winners and wishing you all a great year in New Eden in 2020.

EVE Fanfest

The end of the EVE Invasion World Tour stops in Reykjavik, Iceland for the flagship meet of the year. It is a great opportunity to meet the devs and fellow eve nerds, and see another country if you have not been before! Tickets are on sale, I will be in attendance and hope to see many familiar faces there!

PLEX for GOOD Campaign 

On January 8th, in a Tweet, EVE Online Announced that it would do a PLEX for GOOD campaign to raise money for those who have been affected by the wildfires that have been raging across Australia. Details are to follow this week, so stay tuned. The community of EVE Online has always been known for its generosity, and I fully expect we will step up to the plate!

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