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  • Federation Uprising Announces Deployment to Tribute
  • First Zirnitra Triglavian Dread Dies as a Part of Raising Awareness for the PLEX for GOOD campaign.
  • Carnage in Providence Leads to Over 70B Destroyed
  • Battle in Insmother Between TRI, SLYCE, Panfam and FIRE Co.

Federation Uprising Announces Deployment to Tribute

On January 16th, during a SOTA, Federation Uprising (FEDUP) announced they would be deploying to the region of Tribute on a content campaign. Any groups living in the region as well as in Vale of the Silent will be considered a viable target for the duration of their deployment. Shortly after getting into the area, they third-partied on an ongoing fight between a couple of the groups residing in the region, with the skirmish ending with about 5B total ISK destroyed. New Eden Report will keep you informed as this deployment continues to develop.

First Zirnitra Dread Dies as a Part of Raising Awareness for the PLEX for GOOD campaign

On January 18, in the system of F7C-H0 in Cloud Ring, numerous groups gathered to shoot shit and get in on what would end up being the first Zirnitra loss in EVE history. The Triglavian dread was released as part of the Chapter 2 expansion to the Triglavian Invasion. Goonswarm came in Megas, while Pandemic Horde came in Hurricanes, while the Initiative formed up in Triglavian based fleet. 

The Zirnitra was piloted by The Initiatives own Dark Shines, valued at just under 20B ISK when it died. When the dust settled, over 155B ISK was destroyed, only reinforcing the EVE community standard of loving to blow space pixels up given the chance. Special thanks to u/DarkShinesInit for flying the thing like a boss and The Initiative for hosting the event, it is great to see the community step up to raise awareness about good causes. For those interested, here is a link to a reddit post showing video footage of the dread in its dying moments.

Carnage in Providence Leaves Over 70B ISK Destroyed

On January 17th, in the system of Shinaht in Providence, fighting broke out between Provi Bloc forces and Honorable Third Party, Purple Helmeted Warriors, and Pandemic Horde over a content structure that was coming out of anchor in the system. HTP and Co primarily formed up in Ferox’s, Lokis and Hurricanes while Provi Bloc mainly formed up in Munnins. As the battle progressed, fighting intensified over the structure, resorting to Provi Bloc escalating and dropping dreads onto the grid to alleviate pressure. 

Ultimately, the structure was saved, however, the butcher’s bill for the battle came in at approximately 80B ISK. This is just part of what has been an ongoing conflict between the groups in the region, and NER will keep you posted as the situation continues to develop. 

Battle in Insmother Between TRI, SLYCE, Panfam and FIRE Co.

On January 16th, fighting broke out in the system of EFM-C4 in Insmother between Triumvirate, SLYCE, and Panfam forces and FIRE Coalition forces over an anchoring astrahus. Triumvirate and SLYCE formed up primarily in Lokis with a Munnin support fleet from Panfam, while FIRE coalition forces elected to form auto-cannon machariels with fax support. 

Early in the engagement, the defenders escalated dropping dreads onto the field. They were able to easily dispatch FIRE Coalitions machariel fleet and fax support, however, their astrahus in the system was successfully destroyed by attackers.  Fighting lasted approximately 1 hour long, with over 35B ISK destroyed, 30.5B ISK of which was lost by FIRE Coalition in their efforts to successfully kill the anchoring astrahus. 

Local News:

XtraSquishy fun in Delve nets 5B in kills. 

On January 19th, in the system of 23G-XC in Delve, a Pandemic Horde assault frigate gang led by EVE personality XtraSquishy was able to tackle a rorqual with numerous mining alts and a Nidhoggur carrier on standby to defend it. Upon landing on grid with the Rorqual, the pilot instantly hit his panic mod and the fleet decided to engage the carrier in the meantime. WIth no help seemingly planning to arrive as his PANIC timer expired, the fleet shifted gears in to popping all the subcap miners before letting the rorqual go. A video of the battle and adventure can be found here. All told, the fleet was able to kill over 5B ISK between the carrier and all the subcap miners. 

United Federation of Confiers Overcomes the Odds to Kill Astra in Pure Blind

Back on January 2nd, fighting broke out in the system of DK-FXK over a astrahus that was in final timer between Iron Crown, Ranger Regiment, and Dracarys and United Federation of Conifers. Confiers formed up in a Raven Navy Issue Fleet with two (~30) to kill the astrahus while the defenders formed in a combination of Hurricanes and Feroxes with logi (~90). Fighting for the timer ended up lasting over 90 minutes,and ultimately Conifers was able to successfully kill the astra. All told, around 8B was lost in the battle, with the the ISK lost approximately even across both sides. This was a really cool fight to watch, so I certainly recommend watching it if you have not yet done so.   

New Patch Brings Shield Slaves And More*

As many of you know, there was an update and patch to EVE on the 16th of January. Here are some of the Highlights:

  • Heavy Missiles got a 5% buff to their explosion velocity and damage
  • Added Nirvana “Shield Slave” implants, available through the Dragonaur Blitz lowsec event, with mid- and high-grade versions available now.
  • Event filaments were migrated to Calm (level 1) Abyssal Filaments: 01 and 02 to Dark, 03 and 05 to Gamma, 04 to Firestorm, 06-08 to Electrical, and 09 to Exotic
  • Characters who were traded now show the date of trade

To see what else they did in the patch, be sure to read their article posted on the EVE website.

*Special thanks to u/ChristianAzinn for following through and writing a sum-up of the patch notes. It is really appreciated and saves me countless amounts of time. If you want to help writing, be sure to join the discord and reach out to me. 

PLEX for GOOD Campaign 

On January 8th, in a Tweet, EVE Online Announced that it would do a PLEX for GOOD campaign to raise money for those who have been affected by the wildfire wildfires that have been raging across Australia. 

So far, there have been plenty of generous donations. Others have, in typical eve fashion, have offered to donate PLEX toward the cause in exchange for rare CCP corpses. The event is going to run until January 26th, so be sure to donate your PLEX (minimum 100 PLEX) to the toon CCP PLEX for GOOD. The community of EVE Online has always been known for its generosity, and I fully expect we will step up to the plate!

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

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