The following is a pilot article in a series intended to discuss the demise of individual alliances; mainly the factors surrounding, and the chain of events which led to disbandment.

At the beginning of this month, Intergalactic Space Hobos announced to its members that it would be disbanding, following leadership burnout during a war on multiple fronts primarily versus The Initiative, but also various other entities.

Alliance leader MasterGlorfy announced to his alliance that they would be shutting down in this post.

The lowsec alliance boasted nearly 800 characters in recent months, but around only 50 active players.

To outside onlookers, and even much of the alliance’s membership, the collapse came as a surprise, says Piotr Engels CEO of Reckless-Endangerment:

The whole thing was a real surprise how quickly it went down for all parties involved, I can tell you that.

N+1 = Turboblobbed

For context on the alliance’s sudden demise, it’s important to look back further in the year. In skirmishes such as this one against Pen Is Out, Hobos characteristically battled other lowsec entities. Speaking about the alliance’s earlier conflicts, MasterGlorfy said this:

For the past two years, we had Cavemen, an earlier iteration of NullSechnaya Sholupen, V.E.G.A., Sons of Bane, United Federation of Conifers, Hull Penetration, and some other groups that I don’t recall offhand.

MasterGlorfy, nicknamed “MG” by his alliance mates, however, felt that these and other opportunities for conflict and PVP content had dried up for the most part:

Those groups have all gone and gotten larger, or aligned themselves, or left the game, or some combination of the above.

As the year progressed, the nature of the fights that Intergalactic Space Hobos was taking changed altogether.

We spent most of January and February fighting Pen Is Out, which was more approachable but still was n+1 focused. That dropped off after Snuffed Out came back, and our fighting against The Initiative kicked off more.

Facing a larger and more competent foe, the alliance was drawn repeatedly into skirmishes with The Initiative defending their infrastructure against a force which MG felt they simply could not beat. Attempting to placate his line members after the loss of a Fortizar on the 19th of April, the increasingly worn down alliance leader said this:

Great form last night guys! I know it doesn’t feel great to get turboblobbed, but that’s the reality of being in a smaller alliance and why we bailed off the structure instead of engaging 400 hostiles. Shit happens, so don’t be salty. We got a lot of good fights out of that fort. Here’s to many more on our other content structures.

Unknown to the majority of line members, though, the decision to disband had already been made. Despite MasterGlorfy’s intentions at the time, this decision would be accelerated and, within two weeks of the ping being sent, the alliance would be disbanded.

A Problem Kept Will Become a Problem Multiplied

I asked crashnbrun, a Director in former Hobos corporation Good Ole Boys, what he felt was the primary factor in the alliance disbanding.

Leadership not wanting to delegate and becoming burnt out. MG was a very do all himself person.

MasterGlorfy was burning out over an extended period. Weighed down by leadership duties and fighting an uphill battle against greater forces was taking a heavy toll on the frustrated alliance leader. Months before he would close the alliance, he had already decided to do so.

Rhoenin, CEO of Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc (JREX), is close with MG and was aware of the decision, calling the reasoning behind it “a perfect storm of in-game and out-of-game issues and schedules.”

Separately, MG and Rhoenin began planning on what to do with their corporations for when the alliance eventually collapsed. Before then, however, MasterGlorfy wanted to continue the fight against The Initiative by allying with NullSechnaya Sholupen (NSH). Just three days before the collapse, MG was directing line members, in the following ping, to get themselves set up in NSH space:

Everyone in the alliance should have a jump clone installed in TPG-DD (astrahus: the collective dumpster fire). We’ll be using it for some PVP stuff in the near future, so get your jump clones in there now. Aside from that, TPG-DD can be used for ratting. Ships will be up on contracts for that type of stuff.

By cementing Intergalactic Space Hobos with NSH, MG not only secured an ally in the fight against The Initiative, but he could also provide some level of continuity for members who would leave with him to join NSH fully after the alliance collapsed.

My philosophy in terms of closing was to run the alliance like it was going to be open forever. To me, that was the only way of not getting in slumps or bad morale periods or things like that. I know that’s going to burn some people at the end (like wasting the effort to move a jump clone), but I made that decision and really stuck with it throughout the alliance.

Meanwhile, Rhoenin and the leadership of JREX decided they would build a new future lowsec home for themselves. Their corporation scouts found Raeghoscon, a lowsec system in Sinq-Laison with access to plentiful resources and two jumps from Highsec. For several months before the alliance’s collapse, they continued to fight alongside Intergalactic Space Hobos while their corporation core quietly built infrastructure and established minor ISK-making operations to prepare for the eventuality of the alliance’s collapse. Commenting on their initial plans, Rhoenin said this:

We were fully aware the alliance was dying as it was only a matter of time. So I started setting up JREX’s future home. That being said, we were dedicated to .BUMS until it officially closed its doors, be it in 1 day or 1 year.

Outside of MasterGlorfy, Rhoenin, and their respective circles, the rest of Intergalactic Space Hobos remained in the dark as to their alliance’s real future.

Divide and Conquer

Speaking on behalf of myself, the fighting against The Initiative/Goons was a massive waste of time and ultimately the reason we left; we saw no real future with a group that once prided itself in the use of caps and third party tactics, the true essence of Hobos was lost – In my opinion, in what seemed to be a try at a lowsec empire and only fighting when we had to.

crashnbrun laments the state that Hobos was falling into. His corporation Good Ole Boys saw greener pastures and joined a new alliance, Dreadbomb.

We got an interesting offer from some old friends in the game to join a new alliance. It was motivated by the lack of doing what bums had been doing when we joined, before the lack of use of caps, supers, and titans and the useless fighting of The Initiative and trying to grind their structures and POCOs for the furthering of no real cause.

Good Ole Boys informed Hobos’ leadership of their intention to leave. This was the final straw for MasterGlorfy. Now facing a significantly diminished PVP arm, he decided to close the alliance ahead of schedule and issued the announcement mentioned at the start of this article. In the same announcement, MG also revealed his plan to start a new corporation within NullSechnaya Sholupen with former Hobos members.

Rhoenin’s and JREX’s leadership’s team preparation paid off and they moved into their new home in Raeghoscon, to form Sedition, a new alliance with another former Intergalactic Space Hobos corporation, Senex Legio.

Good Ole Boys made their move into Dreadbomb as they said they would.

Reckless-Endangerment decided to move into their ancestral home, Goinard, once the base of operations for a massive illegal combat booster operation, and, coincidentally only one system from JREX’s new home in Raeghoscon. They’ve begun reforming their old alliance Manifesto.

Reckless’ decision to move to Goinard came at the ire of Sedition, and now the two new alliances have come to blows.