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About Us

Why are we setting this up?

Over nearly a decade of existence, EVE media sites have struggled to provide regular, consistent and objective information to their readers. Often articles are produced inconsistently, and the stories are usually spun in favor of who is writing them. That isn’t to say that we haven’t been complicit in that problem ourselves, but it’s always been something that pricked at our conscience.

We have had enough.

After some thinking and discussion, we began working on a new site. Our goal is to focus on facts and create the media site that New Eden needs.

What actual difference will there be?

You’ve probably read a lot of grand reveals, so you’re justifiably skeptical. What sets our site apart (other than the awesome logo by Rixx Javix)?

We will run the site along three basic tenets. These are:

  • Focus on facts: Too often, EVE media is propaganda – not journalism. Our content will not be spin, because we will focus on facts. If we can’t cite logs, statements, and numbers, then we’re blowing hot air – not reporting. Avoiding becoming another propaganda machine is core to our mission.
  • Don’t race news: Too often, EVE media sites race themselves or race /r/Eve in reporting. Racing involves making breaking news posts, very quickly. These are usually low in quality content, and high in inaccuracy. Our content won’t try to race Reddit. Instead, we will focus on checking sources and verifying the details.
  • Look for new stories: Too often, EVE media is an echo chamber, all reporting the same story. For example, dozens of pieces are written about the big nullsec blocs, while mainstream media outlets have only written a few articles about the decline of Faction Warfare or newer developments in lowsec. We want to make sure that we give readers new and exciting content. If we can be replaced by opening ‘rising’ on /r/Eve, then we are not useful.

Our commitment to these tenets will ensure that we produce accurate, evergreen, and innovative content.

Why we need you

We have a small team of content creators, but we’re not enough, not on our own.

If you think you can get started in writing or editing, join our Discord server where we have a robust editorial process; so don’t worry if you’re not sure about your writing. We can and will help you polish it.

If you are already a content producer – writing blogs, making videos, or other media – then we can talk about the possibility of syndicating your work. If you’re interested, message an editor or director on our Discord server.

Maybe you don’t have the time or inclination to write, but you still want to help. If so, then you can join our Discord server as a staffer. All this means is that you pass on anything interesting you come across to the writers. This network allows us to see a broader set of stories that don’t make it to Reddit. This information gathering is not spy work but merely sharing of information.

Down the line, we’re looking to upgrade to an SSL certificate, enhanced CloudFlare services, and to continue to supplement the costs needed to pay for the host to keep the site live. As part of helping with funds, the site has a Patreon page. Head on over there and donate to the site if you want to support the project. All money will be put back into the website or into PLEX to pay our writers and editors.

– The NER Team