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EVE Online player that likes to make videos about EVE Online.

[Cinematic] The Battle of X47L-Q Part 2

Battle report link here. On August 8th 2018 in the system of X47L-Q, a supercapital battle resulted in roughly 2.3 trillion ISK destroyed & a...

[Cinematic] The Battle of X47L-Q

Battle report link here. For the past few weeks Imperium forces have been probing for a weakness in the Northern defenses. The first major strike...

[Cinematic] The Battle of UALX-3

On July 17th, Legacy Coalition member Warped Intentions began the anchoring of a Keepstar class citadel. This was followed by an assault on the...

[Cinematic] Battle for the 4-GB14 Keepstar

In 4-GB14 in Immensea a Test Alliance Please Ignore Keepstar was exiting its final reinforcement timer. WinterCo with Triumvirate, League of Unaligned Master Pilots,...

The Weekly Report: June 1st – June 8th

Join Us On Discord. Want to see more content like this? We have been hard at work here at NER to bring you guys this...

[Cinematic 05/20/18 ] DRF/TEST Vs. The North/United Crusade Vs. The Imperium in C-LTXS

* Disclaimer: United Crusade is simply the name NER uses for the Tri & friends coalition. Find the battle report here. Read more about what happened...