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Tristan Enkura started making EVE videos in 2014.

Video Report: X47L-Q Keepstar Brawl

Video by Tristan Enkura Footage by Tristan Enkura Additional Footage by TheMacCloud Writing by Hugh Caswakk/Venus Dilara Shirin-Mirza Narration by Zendane On Wednesday 1 August, Northern Coalition were set...

Video Report: UALX-3 Legacy Keepstar Battle (19th July 2018)

Video by Tristan Enkura Footage by Adan Dimaloun and Gentle Towel Narration by Zendane Additional footage by TheMacCloud On Wednesday 18 July, Legacy Coalition anchored an offensive Keepstar...

News Update – Skill Urself Fortizar Destroyed In Impass

(Developing Stories are News Updates now) Skill Urself anchor a Fortizar for the Northern Bloc to attack Brave and Test Ratting Space. In response, Test...

TEST, CO2 and Provibloc Keepstars Under Attack

On the 14th of July three Keepstar timers occurred: - In DW-T2I in Fade, Imperium forces squared off with Northern Bloc forces composed of...

Developing Story – Goon Keepstar Goes Online In The North

(Additional Footage by Wulkans) On the 12th of July, Goonswarm Federation had a Keepstar coming online in the system of 6RCQ-V in Cloud Ring. Pandemic...

New: Developing Stories – CO2 Begins Reinforcing Initiative Sovereignty

  Developing┬áStories are short and quick breaking news updates that aim to inform you within one or two minutes. Look forward to our more in...