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Agonist X Eve Online news and media New Eden report

A small team of individuals from across the cluster run New Eden Report. We’re seeking to add new faces to this team which can assist with continuing to provide accurate, and consistent content, to the Eve community; a record which we can look back upon and reference well into the future.

Continuing to do this is not easy. Sometimes it may not even be fun. However, it is one of the most rewarding experiences that any player will have the chance of contributing to throughout their Eve career. Few games have such unique gameplay.

If you are interested in becoming a staffer here at New Eden Report, we are looking for eager players who can help fill the following roles:

  • Writing – Players who can write fluent English on a regular basis are needed to help provide unique and engaging content (if you have a single article submission, please reach out to us on Discord).
  • Networking – Players with contacts and friends in different places across the cluster are needed to continue generating leads and finding information.
  • Graphics and Video – Artists who are willing to create the occasional header image, or who have video editing experience are needed to provide Eve news outside of the standard written format, or to enhance it.
  • Photography – Do you record your fights and take screenshots? We’re in need of players who can be on the grid for fights as they happen, recording the events, and providing the footage back to the team.
  • Syndication – If you are already creating content in the form of a blog, YouTube channel, or other creative work, we might also be interested in syndicating that work and assisting production.

If you think you can fill any of these roles, please join our Discord server here, and message a director to apply.


Featured image credit: Agonist X